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Silver Cleaning Cloth (S)

The Silver Cleaning Cloth size (S) contains 25 cloths packaged in a clear plastic box with a lid.

7 times more cloth than size (M)

Clean Watches!

Jewelry Cleaning Spray


They Clean Like Magic!

With the new SilverBrite product line, you have all the tools you need to brighten your jewelry and precious metals! Now within your reach!

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Clean Big Time!

SilverBrite Silver Polishing Cream is ideal for your silverware and silver decorations.

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¡Restore Shine with no mess!

With the Silver Cleaning Cloth, clean all your silver in a jiffy!

With the Jewelry Cleaning Cloth, clean precious metals and precious and semi-precious stones.
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Favorite Products

Silver Cleaning Cloth (M)

Cleaning Cloth (M) (Silver)

¡The most effective system to clean your silver and gold articles: fast, easy and dry!
Jewelry Cleaning Spray

Cleaning Spray (Jewelry)

The Jewelry Cleaning Spray is ideal for bringing sparkle back to all your jewelry!
Silver Cleaner Instant Dip

Instant Dip

This Silver cleaner removes tarnish even from the smallest nooks and crannies!
SilverBrite - ¡Limpiadores para metales preciosos y joyería! Silver Brite® - Precious metals and jewelry cleaners, precious and semi-precious stones! Clean without making a mess with the Silver and Jewelry Cleaning Cloths. Clean all your jewelry, including watches with the Jewelry Cleaning Spray. Clean jewels that have intricate details and engravings that are difficult to access in just a few seconds with the Silver Cleaner Instant Dip and the Jewelry Cleaner Instant Dip. You can also clean large silver articles, such as decorative items and silverware, with the Silver Polishing Cream. If you don't want to get your hands dirty, use a Pair of Silver Brite® Towel Gloves together with the polishing cream.

image To Clean large silver articles, such as silverware and silver decorations, we recommend that you use the following Silver Brite® products: Silver Polishing Cream

Silver Polishing Cream

Pair of Towel Gloves

Pair of Towel Gloves


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